MedCity is a unique enterprise that brings together our outstanding Life Sciences sector in London and the greater south east in order to stimulate greater economic growth.

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Providing a “go to” point for businesses and investors, whether global or local, to understand, access, invest in and collaborate with life sciences activity across the region.

Building a more entrepreneurial culture - championing new areas of collaboration, and fostering a commercial mind-set in the research and clinical community.

Creating and promoting a joined up and globally distinctive life sciences offer, meeting the needs of our customers and ultimately benefitting patients.


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Understanding, communicating and promoting the internal capabilities within London and the greater south east, enabling customers to readily access the science and industrial excellence available

Being a portal to access the Life Sciences communities within London and the greater south east

Encouraging and facilitating entrepreneurial activity through collaboration, networking, events and seeding activities – bringing investigators, industry and the finance community together. While our focus is on life sciences, we will actively seek out opportunities to bring together new groups of people, building on parallel initiatives such as TechCity

Being an advocate and an ambassador for the life sciences community

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